A Comprehensive Mentorship Programme To Navigate Your Journey Through Permanent Make-Up With Guidance, Resources & A Community.


Permanent Make-Up is HARD! Trust me, we know. We too went through sleepless nights and considered quitting many, many times. Finding a path through those early years is tough. It's even harder if you're doing it alone and off the back of incomplete training.

You took your initial class, you're qualified but not confident. So now what? That's where VIPMU comes in. We are more than just business coaching, we aim to give you the best skills coaching to take your permanent make up confidence to the next level.

Imagine how much easier it would be to have a library of videos, coaches in real time who you can turn to to ask questions about clients, turn in your practice skins and get constructive feedback on your brows, lips and liner. You'll have  courses at your fingertips to guide you, as well as having a place to ask questions and get support. Add to that live online skills coaching with  experts in permanent make up and business skills. Well we've got you covered! 

What VIPMU will give you is 

🌟 Access to an extensive online curriculum

🌟 Courses and webinars on PMU skills

🌟 Full, explanatory videos on permanent make up

🌟 Needles, pigments and colour theory resources 

🌟 Contraindications and safety protocols 

🌟 Mapping, microblading, and dedicated machine sections

🌟 Resources and video content on how to grow your PMU business 

🌟 Social media advice

🌟 Marketing and sales courses

🌟 Weekly live online coaching from three coaches

🌟 Access to recorded coaching sessions

🌟 A community chat group for support and networking

🌟 Downloadable worksheets and templates 

🌟 Unlimited group support 

And more!

Fill out the form below and we will be in contact soon. Let's get you on the VIPMU list so we can get you smashing your skills, and building your career with confidence.

See you in the VIP Area 

Katie , Mindy, Victoria 💕

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