Whoever Makes The Most Content Is The Most Visible!!


You know what upsets me? Amazing artists saying they aren't busy. Same goes for people in the industry who want to train with me but aren't confident of getting clients. And then I look at their feed and they have a before and after photo of a client and THAT'S IT!

Have you been living under a rock? A before and after photo just isn't going to cut it anymore. Your work isn't going to get seen. You need a good range of content and I'm going to show you how you can get AT LEAST 10  different pieces of postable content from each client or case study to make sure you stay visible on social media. 

I'll even throw in some bonus ideas. 

Using this method I guarantee you'll have a rocking VISIBLE insta feed and gain new clients' attention. 

All my in-person students get this advice as standard. My courses are geared to making SUCCESSFUL artists.




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Maximise Your Content